How to improve your SEO to make Keywords appear in Google SERPS

Hello everyone! My name is Roman, the admin of this site. Today we started this Blog which will serve as a guide, to know which videos you need to search for completing your knowledge. Like everything in life, we started this stage from the beginning (for all those who do not have a Website, you will be thinking that I have forgotten a very important previous step “How to create your own site”, but it has not been so, I will explain it soon step by step in another section). In this first Post, we are going to talk about SEO.

Well, Search Engine Optimization is for google what the character of Jiminy cricket to Pinocchio, I meant we have to make google believe that our Keywords deserve to be in the SERPS, for this I also recommend a Semrush Video tutorial (they have the greatest software for keyword research). 

Let’s go buddies!!! SEO or Search Engine Optimization (Google search engine) is nothing more than the way to rank your keywords, so that your brand gains organic natural positioning in search engines, something that is achieved using outstanding content to attract Visitors to your website. In short, SEO positioning What to know about SEO before becoming a full time Webmaster 2 involves applying a series of methods to try to Improve the position of your .website keywords in google SERPS … to appear as high as possible in the organic results of the search engine. For this process, most sites will require a lot of dedication and unique outstanding content, because we need them to remain attractive for the Google penguin and Yahoo or Bing search engines.

There are two salient Search Engine Optimization techniques for this task:

  • Off Page SEO does not focus on the entrails of your web, rather we will try social engineering (or even pre-payment) to obtain incoming links of webs to your content (link building), also publisWhat to know about SEO before becoming a full time Webmaster 1hing our articles in Social Networks as Facebook (in next articles we will talk about Fan Pages), Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest…
  • On Page SEO, as its name suggests, refers How you can optimize your web site to climb positions in Google SERPS. Here we explore some aspects such as the keywords (Keyword Research), reduce the load time of the site, install a responsive theme, reduce the structure of the slug, edit media atributes and many others more.


In short, your Website in general should be optimized so that published articles can be evaluated as relevant and scale in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). These are some basic clues to understand the importance of working all aspects of your web. See you in the next post.


Work hard, you know the saying “ No Pain, No Glory”.


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