White Hat SEO meaning and 3 TOP White Hat SEO Techniques to Triumph

What is White Hat SEO?

 Sure you have read the Black Hat SEO post and you have also heard about White Hat SEO, but you thought that White Hat SEO techniques would not give as good result, you are wrong! It is true that in the short term does not give the same results but I imagine you want to be successful for a long time and do not need to hire a Black Hat SEO company. In medium or long term, White Hat SEO techniques will ensure a search flow that will not be altered by possible penalties (typical due to bad application of Black Hat SEO).

Black Hat SEO prohibited methods to raise your search engines position

Black hat SEO is particular collection of prohibited methods which are employed to raise a website’s position in the search engines using actions that somehow infringe policies of Advertising Companies and internet Search Engines. This term was first devised from a Western movie which used the word black hat to discriminate between bad and good guys. The good guys wore white hats. However in the modern era, this word is used to define or in other words is used for those who work to hack computers, those who create a virus and those who are involved in certain deceitful actions related to the computer.

Convert Keywords into Quality Content for SEO

While writing some content for your website, there are two important points to consider. The first question you should make sure is the quality of your content. You must be able to write content that will entertain and engage your users. Secondly, your focus should be on how to make this quality content available to a larger audience. If you have a lot of quality content on your website but don´t have a broader audience, it would be of no use to write that content.

How to improve your SEO to make Keywords appear in Google SERPS

Hello everyone! My name is Roman, the admin of this site. Today we started this Blog which will serve as a guide, to know which videos you need to search for completing your knowledge. Like everything in life, we started this stage from the beginning (for all those who do not have a Website, you will be thinking that I have forgotten a very important previous step “How to create your own site”, but it has not been so, I will explain it soon step by step in another section). In this first Post, we are going to talk about SEO.

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